Happy New Year From Friends of TFC

Coming Soon: Diary of a P-40F, we follow the Annual inspection of one of the Fighter Collections aircraft.

P40F Feature

You are welcome to join Friends of the Fighter Collection with our unique benefits and also help support the ground operations and maintenance of this important collection of historic aircraft.

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If you would like to become a volunteer more information is available on our FAQ page please read this and if you are still interested apply here. Please note the minimum age is 17 and you must be able to make 12 Sunday visits to Duxford per year (none airshow days). click HERE for info and an application form .

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Benefits of Friends of TFC are as outlined below. Those items in bold have recently been added and apply to new and existing current members of FofTFC (when they have upgraded).

1. Members will have access to enhanced news items within the Members website area

2. An Exclusive Online area of the TFC Website with online Fighter Log magazine, video coverage, archive photographs of TFC aircraft.

3. Reduced price Friends of TFC merchandise plus exclusive offers, these are available through hte FofTFC members area and FofTFC shop.

4. The Friends of TFC Tent and viewing area at Flying Legends together with free access to the Flight Line Walk at Flying Legends.

5. Friends of TFC can currently gain entrance to IWM Duxford, on non-airshow days, at a reduced rate, and children free up to 16 years on production of a current FofTFC membership details.

April 2015 2014

Please note that benefits may change due to operational reasons or those outside of the control of Friends of TFC

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Regretfully we do not do postal applications – we do not have the resources to manage that option.

Please note that benefits may change due to operational reasons or those outside of the control of Friends of TFC.   Detailed Terms & Conditions HERE